Scheduled for Release June 2018

Sequel to The Kiva and the Mosque,  the story takes Kidwell and Anna, Aisha and Greg deeper into the mystical experiences begun in Kiva

Great magic comes with great gifts – and great burdens. Kidwell and Anna must face together the ramifications of being thrust into world-changing roles. Such responsibility exacts a price in their own lives and the many lifetimes they’ve shared before. The magic Kidwell and her co-prophet, Aisha, stumbled into in the first book in this series, Kiva and the Mosque, continues to push them all into situations they never could have imagined. As their life-partners, Kidwell’s Anna and Aisha’s Greg, must find their own strength and fight their own battles.

Not even great magic can prevent or cure a broken heart, but, sometimes, a broken heart is the only key to even deeper magic. Through great pain, Kidwell faces a transformation that has a profound effect not only on their lives but many lives across many worlds.

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