Sequel to The Kiva and the Mosque,  the story takes Kidwell and Anna, Aisha and Greg deeper into the mystical experiences begun in Kiva

Great magic comes with great gifts – and great burdens. Kidwell and Anna must face together the ramifications of being thrust into world-changing roles. Such responsibility exacts a price in their own lives and the many lifetimes they’ve shared before. The magic Kidwell and her co-prophet, Aisha, stumbled into in the first book in this series, Kiva and the Mosque, continues to push them all into situations they never could have imagined. As their life-partners, Kidwell’s Anna and Aisha’s Greg, must find their own strength and fight their own battles.

Not even great magic can prevent or cure a broken heart, but, sometimes, a broken heart is the only key to even deeper magic. Through great pain, Kidwell faces a transformation that has a profound effect not only on their lives but many lives across many worlds.

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